Travel Insurance: Have a Safe Journey with TakeYourTrip

TakeYourTrip is strongly committed towards the well-being of our travelers. We understand the significance of a cost-effective insurance plan that protects our travelers from unforeseen travel related mishaps.

Through our partner World Nomads, you can buy a straightforward insurance package that will keep your woes at bay. Depart on your tour with confidence and the assurance that you are covered. You can even purchase more coverage after your departure. Do all this through World Nomads convenient online system. If you're interested in purchasing a travel insurance plan, please click the following link: Travel Quote. Then simply enter your country of residence, your policy start date and duration, the type of Policy you are purchasing, and click "Get a Price". This can also be done in the widget on this page.

The following is a breakdown of World Nomads coverage:

What We Cover

When: We:
You need Medical help for sudden illness or injury. Cover emergency overseas medical treatment including treatment in a clinic or hospital, plus medicines and physiotherapy as prescribed by your treating Doctor to get you well and keep you travelling.
You need emergency medical evacuation for Sudden Illness or injury. Cover your transport to the nearest, appropriate medical facility, which also includes your medical repatriation for further treatment at home. Plus it includes, reasonable additional travel and accommodation expenses for a friend or relative to accompany you while you're in hospital and/or during repatriation.
You have to cancel your trip due to unforeseeable events outside of your control. Covers the costs to cancel all or part of your trip including other pre-booked expenses in specific circumstances including a sudden illness or serious injury or natural disasters.
Your gear is stolen or damaged whilst travelling. Cover theft or accidental damage of your gear such as iPads, laptops and digital cameras in specific incidents up to individual item limits.

Note: Coverage will differ depending on your country of residence and your travel destination.

Please review the full description of coverage (policy wording) before purchase for full details of what's covered, what's not covered, and any limits, terms and conditions.